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Girl Ultra

Girl Ultra is a Mexican singer, writer and creative, born and raised in Mexico City, who is known for her innovative and raw proposal both musically and visually, with 1 album and 2 EP’s she has made her way within the r&b en español movement bringing vanguard mixing with club music and rock en español… Read more »

Tay Jordan

Born and bred in Norwood, south-east London, Tay Jordan brings a refreshing brand of rap to the UK’s rap scene. This sound can only described as a seamless blend of lofi hip-hop combined with the nostalgia and irresistible bounce of West Coast rap in the 90’s.

Ragz Originale

Ragz Originale is a UK-born singer, song writer and producer renowned for crafting timeless classics that have reflected and affected the contemporary British music experience in recent years. A nominee of the prestigious Ivor Novello award for songwriting and the best new R&B artist at the MOBO’s, he has produced for a wide-ranging selection of… Read more »


Proph is the abbreviated version of the name given to him by his grandfather at birth. That name (Prophet) has defined his destiny ever since, and the South Londoner is already on course to lead UK Rap to the promised land and beyond. Teenage dreams of becoming an author saw Proph’s early scribblings transform into… Read more »

Oscar Jerome

Oscar Jerome has been honing his craft as a musician and writer since a young age. He has worked as vocalist, guitarist and producer with countless acts and grown through the thriving London music scene. In his solo project Oscar brings all of his influences together from a broad range of genres. His creative vision… Read more »


To MEYY, a microphone is a magnifying glass: mobile, reflective and observant. Movement and fluidity appear evident in both the 21 year old’s life and music, something she understands to be mutually intertwined. Hailing from the directions of New Time R&B and progressive pop, her smooth running, and angelic vocals become an echo of the… Read more »


Initially evolving from a chance encounter on Soundcloud between frontman/guitarist Fatboy and producer Cillian McCauley, Bricknasty expanded to a fully fledged physical band with the introduction of Dara Abdurahman (bass), Korey Thomas (drums) and Louis Younge (sax/keys). From infectious energy and soulful chords to soft, woozy vocals, together Bricknasty’s music effortlessly traverses RnB, neo soul,… Read more »


Azamiah is a genre-fluid Glasgow based music collective led by vocalist India Blue. The band’s output is inspired by sounds of the natural world blended with Latin American rhythms, neo-soul and choral music. With their debut album ‘In Phases’ out now, Azamiah continues to develop their sound through collaborative improvisation and build soundscapes with looping… Read more »

Eliza McLamb

While her audience connects deeply with the experiences and emotions put forward in her work, McLamb isn’t performing for the observer: her creative process is a personal practice that borders on spirituality. She’s been writing songs since she was six, and never really expected anyone to listen except herself. Even as her work spread to… Read more »


Strongboi is a fresh project born in Berlin from a fiery collaboration between Ziv Yamin & Alice Phoebe Lou. Started as a passion project between two close friends, with a super lo-fi vision of using mainly casio keyboards & toys, strongboi has now evolved into a full band project that still emulates it’s lo-fi beginnings… Read more »