As a kid, singer-songwriter Annahstasia Enuke says she used to hear actor Morgan Freeman’s voice in her head. His distinctly rich baritone narrated her younger years as pleasantly as it does on screen. “The way I see things is very cinematic,” she says, touching on a childhood growing up in Los Angeles and classifying her identity and artistic practice as steeped in fantasy and romanticism. When Annahstasia writes a song, it embodies a world of its own. Annahstasia’s own stunning voice is the powerline that weaves together her forthcoming folk-rooted record, Revival, a delicately produced project that both renewed her love of music after a period of uncertainty, and facilitated a potent resurgence of self.

Revival was born from the spiritual lessons Annahstasia learned during that period of stillness. Through a process she deems channeling, she reclaimed the dreamy and intuitive approach to creative expression she relates back to a younger Annahstasia—the one who experienced life like a film. She rarely, if ever, writes her lyrics down, instead preferring to imagine the spirits that live in her songs—how they might look, move, talk or dance—and speak to their identities in real time through her music. Annahstasia’s EP Revival is out now on all platforms.

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