Behind the Bulgarian Cartrader persona lies the smart brain and poetic heart of Daniel Stoyanov, whose former band Malky is well known. And in between, he always keeps busy: Daniel has played and worked a lot as a musician and songwriter for Solomun, rapper Casper or the Berlin institution SEEED – and he also states “Salsa dancer” in his CV. With Bulgarian Cartrader, Daniel has created a persona that he primarily enjoys, but also has a lot of therapeutic potential:

“BCT is a role, a character, but it‘s completely based on my personality. Some things are maybe a bit grotesque, so that I can be more relaxed myself. The more I get something deformed – for example something macho-like – out of the character,the less it‘s in my system afterwards .I‘ve never been able to use the humor with which I want to make the character likeable in other projects before, but that‘s exactly what helps me now. As self-protection. The path is so difficult and rocky – if you don‘t laugh at yourself, you break because of it, so you remain unaffected by the difficulty of the road.”

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