Born inside a family with a long artistic history, DORA (Madrid, 2004) began to show her natural mus cal talent from a young age. She grew up surrounded by music at home, listening songs from Ella Fitzgerald to Kendrick Lamar. After having a successful YouTube covers’ channel and playing around as the Lead Singer in the Creative Junior Big Band, DORA finally takes off her solo music career with acoustic single “Call Me Back”.

 DORA quickly caught people’s and music press’ attention by putting out surprising and versatile singles as “Ojos de Serpiente”, “Hoy”, “Oxena” or “Quiéreme (aunque no es tu estilo)”. Her unique and genuine style has been proof that DORA belongs to a new generation of young people that are not comfortable with labels and established genres. Instead, she prefers to create more thrilling and riskier music atmospheres with brave producers as Pional (The XX, John Talabot, Empress Of, The Rapture), one of her long-time collaborators.       

From bolero to UK garage or indie electronic music, DORA expresses her non-conforming and rebellious spirit by experimenting with music and sounds. Blessed with a prestigious musical vision together with a sweet but bold attitude, DORA is one of the new voices that has something fresh to say through her art.

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