Contemporaries at Leeds College of Music (now Leeds Conservatoire) who mingled at various house parties as students, English Teacher’s four working parts – completed by bassist Nicholas Eden – had each been tinkering on their own various projects before, at last, settling on each other’s talents. Lily, Doug and Nicholas were house-sharing when they invited Lewis for a front-room ‘rehearsal’, and began working on new material post-haste. ”Straight away when Lily asked me to come out and see what it was like, it clicked pretty quickly,” Lewis remembers.

The latest post-punk resurgence in the late 2010s – spearheaded by Shame and Fontaines D.C’s, among many others – informed this quartet’s musical impetus The music had to be biting, punkish and direct. It had to fire straight at the quick of the heart, not merely by force, but with a melodic sleight of hand, and an adroit songsmithery. “That’s one point which we all tend to come back to.”, Lewis explains, “To create something that’s interesting, but also a good, catchy song.” “You want people to be able to sing it back to you”, Lily confirms.

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