ME REX began life in 2018 in the home of songwriter Myles McCabe experimenting with shouty, electronic bedroom pop. Equipped with multitudes of “surging gargantuan hooks” and themes of friendship, forgiveness, joy and dinosaurs, McCabe was quickly joined by longtime friends Phoebe Cross (drums/vocals) and Rich Mandell (bass/keys/vocals).

Riding high off the release of their debut album ‘Megabear’: a record built from 52 short tracks intended to be played in shuffle mode in order for the listener to create their own perfect combination of songs — ME REX are returning to the traditional sense of song structures with new EPs Pterodactyl and Plesiosaur. A collection of songs that showcase what the collective do best, primarily constructing delicate threads of vocal layering with clever tongue in cheek lyricism that roll off Myles’ tongue with a poetical prowess, ME REX hone in on different uses of dynamism with their new effort, building luscious swathes of guitars and keys to build a bridge between their raw DIY past and a bright, creative future.

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