To MEYY, a microphone is a magnifying glass: mobile, reflective and observant. Movement and fluidity appear evident in both the 21 year old’s life and music, something she understands to be mutually intertwined. Hailing from the directions of New Time R&B and progressive pop, her smooth running, and angelic vocals become an echo of the flexibility with which senses can blur and interlace. For MEYY, songwriting begins with an imaginative aesthetic reference which then forms the focus of her ethereal sonic soundscapes. Beginning in the cosy nature of her bedroom, MEYY brings illumination to spaces of intimacy, whether they be cerebral or shared, in the instances of love and desire, to mesmerising audiences on stage. With a background in dance but also Civil Engineering, MEYY understands the manufacturing of worlds, to create, translate and permit her fans to relish in their own emotions vulnerably yet comfortably. MEYY’s music is a scandalous lullaby for the night time, and a serenade to the emotions which may linger the next day. Media, press and tastemakers are onto MEYY. 2023 was the year she turned all eyes on her. With the release of her EP Digital Gloss, a headline tour, support shows for popstars Lolo Zouai and Angele (both artists asked for MEYY personally) and a viral moment on TikTok, no one can deny she’s on the brink of breaking through.

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