NOTHING began in Philadelphia simply as ‘bedroom therapy’ for Domenic Palermo in 2010 after a turbulent decade filled with drugs, violence, and prison. With a love for tragedy in both storytelling and song he decided where he would put his effort and began to record. Over the next 12 years Palermo would enlist an ever changing cast of members and collaborators that would slowly help mold NOTHING’s signature sound which has been described as American post-shoegaze under duress. With an orchestral like section of perfectly layered swirling lush guitar soundscapes, driving rhythm and cinematic movements, and all uncomfortably tied together with self loathing misanthropic tales of isolation and human behavior in the face of the worlds vast wasteland, NOTHING would be born across their four critically acclaimed full length albums, Guilty Of Everything(2014), Tired Of Tomorrow(2016), Dance On The Blacktop(2018), and The Great Dismal(2020).

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