Poppy Ajudha unveils her highly anticipated brand-new single ‘My Future’. The release, featuring the singer’s distinctive genre fluid sound, sees Poppy describe being at peace with prioritising her and her future self over temporary parts of life, such as relationships. ‘My Future’ was co-written with Charlie Huggall (Ed Sheeran, Florence & The Machine), who also produced the track alongside Mike Malchicoff (King Princess, Mark Ronson).The release of ‘My Future’ marks the beginning of a new era for Poppy. An independent artist with major ambitions, Poppy is known for using her creative output as a vessel to explore important themes and societal topics. Whilst this is still the case, the new music offers a further insight into Poppy’s personal life and relationships, whilst also broadening her sound and direction. Less obsessed with people pleasing and fitting in, ‘My Future’ and its unapologetic personality sits comfortably among Poppy’s existing discography and opens the door to a new era. Speaking on the new single and next steps, Poppy says; “This song is a celebration of putting my dreams and aspirations first and being able to revel in the joy of being my authentic self. I looked inward, shed skin, grew up, decided to make better decisions for myself and my future, and most importantly finally felt ready to step into the driving seat of my life’’

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