Pulled Apart By Horses are a potent force within the alternative rock scene – less a gang, more a big fucked-up family. The band formed in 2008 and has since existed in its own chaotic ecosystem, embarking on relentless tours worldwide. Well known for their frenetic live performances, the Leeds trio make and perform music that thrills and menaces, armed with sucker-punch riffs and zinging choruses.

After a period of rest, reflection and transformation, Pulled Apart By Horses signed to Alcopop! Records to release their long-awaited fifth studio album, ‘Reality Cheques’.

The band have created a cache of songs that are direct and delivered with raw urgency. The most significant change to the band’s approach sees Hudson ditching his guitar and focusing solely on vocals. Distilling their line-up to a singular guitar, bass and drums engaged the band in a focused, vital new feel.

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