STEPS EP is set for release 14th November 2023 via Slow Dance. It is introduced today with the EP’s title track self-produced by Sarah, with other songs in the EP co-produced with Louis O Bryen – member of the London band Sorry, in his debut production role. STEPS is the 23 year old Londoner’s third EP and features six new tracks that recollect her
personal experiences of sexual trauma, albeit painted and portrayed with unexpected splashes of colour, character, and Sarah’s ability to own those experiences through her own
strength and power. She explains further, “STEPS EP is about moving forward into the unknown. I never intended to create a project around sexual trauma, but making these songs at the time played a big role in helping me process a way of accepting and taking ownership over some things that have happened. I hope it brings a distinct vulnerability and perspective to the subject matter….Steps is ultimately about ‘making it through’ to define new versions of ourselves after such experiences.”

Musically, STEPS EP dips colour into the noirish, shadowy hues of her Leak Your Own Blues EP. It recalls, in part, the instinctive rawness of early Cat Power recordings, with a
loose, lo-fi charm that portrays Sarah’s words with emphasis, feeling and meaning. An important, impressive release by a smart, tactile young songwriter.

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