YABBA don’t try to be anything or be a part of any scene. Anything goes. From Dumfries, in south west Scotland, their in comparable sleaze-disco, self-indulgent, drug jam sound has driven the quintet in equal measure to go above and beyond all cultural norms, and to fecund a feeling in music that specialises in the dark and danceable. Refusing to be defined or confined to any limits, for art’s sake, YABBA finds inspiration from the malevolent power structures within an exhausted musical landscape. Out to project ecstasy through honest music, YABBA believes it’s all or nothing in order to protect and survive.
As a collective, they do everything. They go everywhere musically, no limits. They create nothing from something and something from nothing. YABBA’s music also makes for a fresh, organic sound that taps into the darker side of, not only their listener’s, but also the performers’ mind. A place which is  often untouched by things like music.

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